Our Profile
Tong Lung has had a proud history since its inception in 1954. Tong Lung has been a leader & pioneer in the mechanical locks and electronic remote access solutions with its dedicated and innovative team of experts. You can find Tong Lung Metal's products in over 40 countries and our customers consider us as a world leader with our portfolio of mechanical and Electronic door lock hardware, door closers, hinges and door accessories. Our product brands including EZSET, POSSE and LUCKY have received strong recognition in the international and domestic markets.
Innovative R&D Center
One of our competitive advantages is our state of the art in-house research and development center. Tong Lung has more than 50 R&D engineers dedicated to form and function of mechanical and electronic security. We believe the future of the security business is a combination of both mechanical and electronic security. Tong Lung has developed electronic locksets that have won the “Taiwan Excellence Award” in both 2011 and 2012.
We take great pride in our production flow, integrated R&D Center, tooling development and speed to market providing excellent ODM time to our customer's products and services. Tong Lung owns more than 168 product/design patents around the world with 50 more pending. We collaborate with our customers to help protect their intellectual properties. *
Reliable and Stable Quality
To give our customers the best experience all of our electronics comply with US FCC and Canadian NCC certifications. We comply with ISO 90001 quality certification, and feel we have the highest test standard specifications in our industry. We have a strict quality control system and continually inspect, educate and update all team members. We have implemented an “all-around fixed point control inspection” to insure consistent quality, reliable and stable products for our customers. Our core products are compliant with ANSI (North American Standards) and CNS (Taiwan Standards) and various other national standards.
Vertical integrated Operation Process
Tong Lung utilizes progressive die stampings equipment - state of the art press technology to maximize efficiency and give us accurate consistency. Progressive die presses stamp metal using a forming method that can encompass bending, cutting, punching and several other ways of modifying coil sheet steel or brass. The automatic feeding system pushes a strip of metal (as it unrolls from a coil) through all of the stations of a progressive stamping die. Each station performs one or more operations until a finished part is made. The final station is a cutoff operation, which separates the finished part from the carrying web. Tong Lung has production plants in both Taiwan and the Philippines to meet our customers’ needs.